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Modular Shelvings With 4 Shelves - Grate Shelves

Modular Shelvings with 4 Grate Shelves

Maximun Loading Shelves 100 Kg/mq (Uniformly Distributed Load)

38 Series - h=150 cm

Dimensions :

70x38x150 cm

80x38x150 cm

100x38x150 cm

120x38x150 cm

140x38x150 cm

160x38x150 cm

180x38x150 cm

200x38x150 cm

49 Series - h=170 cm

Dimensions :

70x49x170 cm

80x49x170 cm

100x49x170 cm

120x49x170 cm

140x49x170 cm

160x49x170 cm

180x49x170 cm

200x49x170 cm

59 Series - h=200 cm

Dimensions :

70x59x200 cm

80x59x200 cm

100x59x200 cm

120x59x200 cm

140x59x200 cm

160x59x200 cm

180x59x200 cm

200x59x200 cm