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Bowls with Grate for Floor Installation

Bowls with Grate for Floor Installation with Internal Siphon and Filter

Available in two versions:


Bowls with Vertical Discharge Pipe

Dimensions :

30x30x20 cm

50x40x20 cm

80x40x20 cm

100x40x20 cm

120x40x20 cm

140x40x20 cm

160x40x20 cm

180x40x20 cm

200x40x20 cm


Bowls with Horizontal Discharge Pipe

30x30x16 cm

50x40x16 cm

80x40x16 cm

100x40x16 cm

120x40x16 cm

140x40x16 cm

160x40x16 cm

180x40x16 cm

200x40x16 cm