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Services and after sales always attentive to the demands of the market, offers its customers a wide range of pre-and post-sales service to ensure a sale respectively linear and transparent and correct and durable operation in the time of its products.
The selection of these services has become a key differential factor and a competitive weapon.

Pre-sales services:

Phone Support: for those who wish to be recommended or have the need to have information on what products to offer their customers.
That service is responsible sales office.

Estimates: we offer our customers, especially in the presence of products out series, for the preparation of detailed estimates or proforma for each type of delivery.

Design: our technical and commercial offer for the development and design of any type of plant.
For the execution may be required that a minimum fee, in case of order will be deducted from the total supply.

After-sales services:

Phone Support: during installation or even after, for problems or failures in both out of warranty.
For this service are available our qualified technicians.

Technical interventions: are performed on the equipment we produce, whether under warranty or not, exclusively at our headquarters and prior authorization.

Data sheets: a completion of our service delivery can obtain data sheets of the equipment in order to properly prepare the various connections (loading / unloading water, gas connections, electric hook-ups).
Exploded machines: You can request exploded of our equipment to identify and order the parts needed for the repair of the same.
Each request must be supported by the model and serial number of equipment.
Booklets of Use and Declarations of Conformity: when selling all the products, where necessary, are provided with operating instructions and declaration of conformity.
For each request for a duplicate is necessary to communicate the model and serial number, and will be charged as stated in the conditions of supply of the list in place.

For each request, refer to the following e-mail: